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Opes One Solutions Services Project Management

Program Management​

Skilled in providing highly disciplined programs and project management services with an unrivalled ability to combine deep expertise with Project Management techniques and change management strategies. 

Opes One Solutions Services Security Management

Security Management​

Specializes in the implementation of plans for protecting persons, facilities, business data and operational functions. Conducts security audits, vulnerability analysis, crisis management support with program level support and training services. 

Opes One Solutions Services Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management​

Proven ability to perform all the functions to ensure a robust, human capital management program (inclusive of recruiting/staffing, hiring and on-boarding processes, organizational right sizing functions and manpower analysis of manning requirements).​​

Opes One Solutions Services Equal Employment Opportunity

Equal Employment Opportunity​

Trained professionals in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program Management. Initiation and sustainment of programs, work area monitoring, staff education, investigations, counseling, mediation and agency actions from final reviews.

Opes One Solutions Services Trainer/ Adjunct Faculty

Trainer/Adjunct Faculty

Specialized adjunct leadership training course development and presentation.

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